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New Homey, .... positives and need help with IR / Samsung TV / Sony Soundbar

dd3ukdd3uk Member
edited October 2017 in Questions & Help
Hi All,

Homey arrived yesterday and since then Ive spent most of the day and night getting to grips with it. 

For light control to get reliable device registration Ive ended up having to connect to all my lights (IKEA and Hue)  using the Hue Bridge.. no great issue there and it does give some resilience in that I can use the hue app or Homey to control lighting. 

Kudos for the Homekit integration this is THE tipping point / reason I took the plunge now with Homey.

So now I can use Siri and this all works really well....'hey siri dim bedroom lights' is instant.... impressive start. 

Now Im beginning to look at geofencing which is involving some work ... Ive got the MQTT Broker setup and Owntracks knows where I am, however Ive yet to really test out leaving the house and arriving and if it works with lights although Im not too optimistic. Battery drain using Own tracks is noticable and to test it all I set a series of battery warnings such that Homey shouts at me to charge the battery as its drops. Some worked some didn't. This is a project which needs more work.

However things are coming to a negative end today with me looking to create some integrated flows around TV/Movie setup. 

Starting simple having tried for hours to get the Samsung Smart TV (Samsung Smart TV 55H6400)  and Samsing generic IR setups to work (and failing) I ended up creating a virtual device for my TV as a simple on/off (so it appears nicely on home kit) and then I trigger flows to adjust the lighting depending on time of day... all good so far but then more failure/problems. 

I decided to use the IR learning option to create a TV remote device (just looking to turn on and off so used my remote to learn power button) and did same for my sony soundbar..... however whilst the lights work perfectly every time (dim and brighten when needed).... the TV will power on or off about 70 % of the time and the soundbar never works.... Ive tried relearning the IR remotes but this is really frustrating. I have put 1,2 and 5 second delays between the IR commands but that hasn't changed anything.

Anyone have any suggestions that doesn't involve me having to but a logitec type device? its kind of critical that we have support for multimedia but having read as much as I can find Ive got a niggling feeling in my gut that the whole Homey and controlling home entertainment has been a longstanding problem that isn't getting much focus to become reliable.

Thanks for any ideas. Im a relative newbie here so maybe others will have walked this path and have solutions I can try. 

my next hurdle once I can reliably get the tv and sound bar coming on and off will be to try and figure out how to make the apple TV wake up.... Im going to probably mess about with airplay plugin for that next.

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