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Live view Ring Doorbell in Homeydash

I would like when someone rings at my door that live view from my Ring doorbell automatically opens in Homeydash, now i just get a notification from Ring that there is someone at my door, i have click on the notification, Ring starts outside of Homeydash and starts up the live view, any tips or suggestions to integrate this all in Homeydash ? 


  • For this to happen ring.com should make its api that allows a live view open.
    But the dont. but the more people that nag about it to them, (i do this onve a month) maybee they will change that.

    in the general ring doorbel topic i have posted the links to github where the hacked api can be found.
    This also includes the information on how to access the videos
    You could program this into the ring doorbell app youreself and send a pull request to the app maker. Then when the app has this homeydash could get this feature if Bas will implement it. 
  • Homeydash questions can be asked in the official topic, feature requests for this can be done on the github of Homeydash. This topic will be closed
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