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Off line back up

Nabs3000Nabs3000 Member
edited October 2017 in Ideas & Suggestions
I understand homey works  from the cloud. How about an offline back up should the external network go down?


  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    edited October 2017
    Homey doesn't work through the cloud, it works locally:

    Offline Homey will still be able to manage your home, as Homey is not dependent on cloud services to operate (unlike some other systems). Functionality that remains available offline includes:

    • Controlling your home with the Homey Smartphone App while you're on the same WiFi network
    • Executing flows that don't need internet, for example sensor based ones
    • Voice output, allowing Homey to speak (for example in flows)
    • Logging of your local sensor data in the Insights module


    In short, all the capabilities that do not clearly require internet work.
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