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How to ungroup the outside sunblinds from the curtains comand?

When I ask
OK Homey Doe de gordijnen dicht    (close the curtains)

Then the (Shuttle) curtains close perfect but also the sunblinds outside (Fibaro) are closing.

And also when I say
OK Homey Doe het zonnescherm omlaag      (close the sunblinds)

Then the (Shuttle) curtains close and also the sunblinds outside (Fibaro) are closing.

The command 'Doe de gordijnen dicht' and 'Doe het zonnescherm omlaag' are  standard Homey voice commands, it's not my own made flow.

Where can I find the setting to set that the Shuttle system only should respond to the standard 'Gordijnen' commands and the Fibaro sunblind swithes only to the 'Zonnescherm commands?


  • casedacaseda Member
    edited October 2017
    This is not possible yet:

    But have seen a small indication that athom is working on it as we speak so might be fixed in the next homey update (or the one after that), and then probably needs an update in the app(s) aswell

    As a workaround for now you can place them in a different zones and add that zone to your voice command
  • This is still open. Please check and give us an update.
    Still when I ask Homey to close the curtains, Homey also puts the sunscreens down :-(
    Please seperate blinds and curtains. (gordijnen en zonneschermen)
  • NL: Nu Athom gaat stoppen met het stembestuurde deel van de Homey, denk ik niet dat dit probleem nog opgelost kan worden. 

    Wat ik wel ontdekt heb met mijn shuttle gordijnrail, is dat homey de naam die ik eraan gegeven heb herken. Ik heb twee rails naast elkaar hangen, en als ik 'ok homey, sluit gordijn schuifdeur' sluit alleen het gordijn voor mijn schuifdeur. En andersom bij 'gordijn raam'. Ik weet niet of dit helpt om onderscheid te maken met de buiten zonwering, want die heb ik (nog) niet.

    EN loosely translated: Now Athom has decided to stop voice control in Homey, i don't think this will be fixed.

    What i did discover with my forest rails, is Homey recognises the name i gave each rail. I have two rails besides each other, and when i command homey to close the curtains by the door, only that rail responds. And same way for the other rail. I don't know if this will help to set apart curtains from the screen outside, because i don't have automated screens (yet)
  • JPeJPe Member
    edited May 2018
    As @marcotics says, use different device names that are not in the standard Athom commands range
          for Dutch commands
          for English commands

    BTW Athom does not stop voice-control, they stop improving it and they stop, setting it to default ON, so if it's OFF you still can set it to ON and also you can use it in combination with Amazon and soon with Google. Further, you can use it via the Smartphone App and the Chat function of the new Smartphone App.
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