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Everspring ST 814

Hi All,

Binding the ST814 to the Homey works like a charm.

temperature is not correctly displayed on Homey and the different parameters on the ST814 are displayed correctly, you can modify them but unfortunately the save parameters button is greyed out and as such the way how the device should be reacting is not modifiable ...

Anyone having the same issue and found a fix how to save them ?

Tnx for all hints !



  • found what the issue was ... 
    need to ensure your the temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit while pairing so the 3rd push of the button gets you to Celcius ...

    For the remote configuration issue ... only works when you select the higher lower buttons for selecting another value
  • RuneTRuneT Member
    Have just starte with homey and I am so far quite impressed of the functionality and ease of setting everything up.
    I am struggeling with my Everspring ST814 temperature sensor. Includes easily in Homey and reports initial temperature and humidity, but does not update and does not have any cards for temperature in Flow.
    Above advice to make sure Fahrenheit shows when initiation with 3-times button pushes, does not make it work. Running Homey 1.5.9 firmware.

    Anyone has had same problem, and found a solution?

    Beat regards
  • arthurarthur Member
    You have to set thresholds on the device.
    If these thresholds are reached the ST814 will report them to Homey.
    I've set 2 thresholds for humidity and use them in flows to trigger the fan in the bathroom.
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