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DMX control with Homey

fabiannmbfabiannmb Member
edited September 2017 in Ideas & Suggestions
I'm looking for a way to send dmx signals with homey via zigbee of zwave. Or maybe there is another way to control dmx lights with homey?

I Would like to control some DMX LED lights in the garden with Homey. Dmx is a protocol that is mainly used for event lighting.

I already spend some hours searching on the in the internet, but can't find a solution. Basically I'm looking for a small device with a dmx output, that can control the 512 dmx channels of the output and get it's commands by zigbee of zwave.

Would be great if i could pair a zigbee->dmx controller to my philips hue bridge and control rgb devices with the hue app.

Does anybody have some ideas how to realize this?


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