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Connecting Philips Hue directly to Homey (zigbee)



  • mbalik79 said:
    I was trying it with the hue bloom. Saw in the app description that it was an untested device, so don't know if it is a app problem or a bulb reset problem. Have only a couple of bloom's and gu10's all are untested..
    I will try it again...
    If it's not supported it will not work indeed and need to be added in the app, did read somewhere this was a problem but can't remember where 
  • Have bought a hue dimmer and now reset went well.
    Paired the gu10's and hue bloom's whithout any problems directly with homey
  • TorrfuraTorrfura Member
    edited March 2018
    Is there any more development on this app, any goal to improve experience? It's easy to use, but not a very good experience. If I have 5 bulbs and want to change brightness & temperature on each, there will be a disco with random outcome. 

    This seems to happen more often when I trigger a flow containing different light settings, than if I run the flow from the editor using "test". However, if I want to change color and brightness, on one light, it seems like it send multiple commands making it "insecure" and flickering. If I change from 20% brightness to 5%, and temp 100% to 20%, it first goes up to 70-80% brightness -> change temperature -> then down to 5% brightness...

    I really want to keep my Zigbee mesh in Homey and hide my Hue bridge in the drawer, but it won't be long before I have to go get it again 
    In short: Can we ever expect a experience even close to how smooth Philips Hue is using the Hue Bridge?
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