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Need advice for GU10 spots

It is a little bit more than only the GU10 spots.
I have more than 17 spots that need to be replaced. Right now they are not smart at all. The switches are not smart either. I have a couple off options to make them smart.

What I like to have:
  1. I like the design of the NEO or the MCO touch switches. (have one NEO in my childs room, looking good)
  2. Dimming is needed
  3. I would like to be able to change the temperature of the light (not a must with the switch, can also be done in the app)
  4. Changing the colour would be nice (not a must with the switch, can also be done in the app)
  5. Reliability is important
  6. Feedback
  7. Price/quality
  8. Individual spot setting (or per group)
Options that i saw are:
  • Dimmable GU10 4W Mi Light 2.4G Wireless RGBCCT LED Spotlight Lamp Bulb AC86-265V
    Pros: cheap, RGB, warm white and white, reliable, settings per spot, dimming
    Cons: No feedback (I think), I need a wifi IBOX controller.
    Extra info: The IBOX v6 can handle 8 zones, can I group some spots and put them under one zone? Or is every spot one zone? What wall switch can I use that also dims and looks a bit like the NEO/MCO ones? Or maybe this one: link? But Homey probably won't know if I press a button on this one.

  • Fibaro dimmer with normal GU10 spots
    Pros: spots are cheaper, good quality, reliable, feedback
    Cons: no color change, no white change, no per spot settings, Is there a NEO/MCO design switch for it?
    Extra info: I would need a NEO/MCO design switch for it without z-wave but with dimming.

  • MCO touch switch with dimming and normal GU10 spots
    Pros: spots are cheaper, good quality, feedback, dimming
    Cons: no color change, no white change, no per spot settings, expensive
    Extra info: The switch is more expensive but I would buy a 4 gang one and use the others for other lights
The thing with the Fibaro and the MCO solutions is that I would probably need to replace al the transformers...that adds to the costs.
I am leaning towards the MiLight solution but I would need to find a nice wall switch witch supports dimming of the spots and looks nice. I don't know if the MCO dimmable switch works with them.

So, do you people have ideas or have a similar setup and can advice me? Maybe something completely different  :)
Thanks in advance


  • I'm sure Robbshop can make you a nice deal for 17+ INNR GU10 spots:
    No trafo's needed... Plus: Dutch product...

    And the switch you'd like from
  • Hi @bvdbos, nice ones indeed. Sadly no RGB but that is less important. The switches I don't like. I would like something more like the NEO/MCO design. I guess I could use the MCO dimmer switch with those spots? 

  • Another option for the spots would be the Osram Lightify GU10. I've got the connected to my hue system, but they can be directly connected to homey.
    Just keep an eye on (use and you can get them for around 20 euros/piece.
  • Thanks for the tip @DaneeDeKruyff

  • @Aaron could Ikea Tradfri GU10 be an alternative for you? I’m talking about type 003.182.92.
    specs: Zigbee, direct control by Homey and Homey-app, white change, dimmable, reasonable price, no separate intelligent switch or hub needed.
    I installed 3 a few days ago and am satisfied (uptill now).
  • @JanH , that could also be an option. Slightly better price than the Osram. Now to find the right dimmer/switch for it that looks like NEO/MCO.
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