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Reliability of Homey

Hello all together,

first of all: I am a great fan of Homey! So please don't misunderstand this post, I am searching for help with it.

Has someone else noticed some lags in reliability of Homey? One simple example for a better understanding:
I have a flow to reduce Homeys volume when my daughter went to bed and increase it when she's up again.

Reduce the volume:

Increase volume again:

Well, the logic itself isn't really important, the flow is triggered when the luminance of the hue motion sensor changes. Problem is: the flow isn't triggered. Testing it works pretty fine, but in daily use Homey doesn't trigger this flow.

And this is not the only one, I have several flows sometimes working and sometime not.  There is a flow using Plex notifier to reduce the light when a movie is started, sometimes it does what I expect and sometimes not. Another one uses Fibaro Wall Plugs for a heating. Usually the on flow works, but the off flow not.

More interesting is this problem after a reboot. Almost no flow is working anymore, first I have to test each an every flow before they are working by their self. (maybe not really every flow)

The flows are not really complex or difficult so I am sure, that there is no error in the if...then conditions and they work when I test them.

Have you recognised such lags in reliability? What have you done? 

Thanks so far.


  • Do you see the luminance changes in the insights app? Might be the treshold is too low and the Hue sensor doesn't report anything to Homey?
  • Hello 2Be,

    yes I can see the luminance changing in Homey, as well as in the insights and in the Tags.
  • RocodamelsheRocodamelshe Member
    edited September 2017
    Can u also tell us what the luminance is at this very moment? And if ur flows are not working correctly why name the topic "Reliability of Homey"? Why not something with " My flows are not working as I want, what am I doing wrong"?
  • I don't see a decrease in the reliability of my Homey. When my flows don't fire I usually made an error in the logic I use over several flows. I however use the Better logic app to control states of who's awake, a sleep, home, etc..
    Where for example do you define your variabel's of Homey's own logic?
  • I named it "reliability" because the flows work when I test them. 
    I called it "reliability" because after a reboot and a session of testing each an every flow, they work for a few hours.
    And I named it "reliability" because sometimes some of them fire and sometimes they' don't. And they are not always the same who fire or not.

    As I wrote, I am sure there is no error in the flows itself. I am pretty sure that the used devices work as they should do. And it is not only the one flow I used for example, there are several other flows. And sorry for that, but: there is not much potential for errors in a flow logic, that says: "if there is a movement on a hue motion sensor, switch on a Fibaro Wall Plug" (including the knowledge of time lag between hue bridge and Homey) And yes, I am arrogant enough to assert that I know what I do, most of the time.

    And as I wrote too, I am a great Homey Fan, so naming it "reliability" was nothing to compromise the sphere, it was meant to ask if other users recognised the same behaviour, knowing their flows are correct and realising that these flows are not firing after a while.

    This was no offense, this was a question for help. If the title dos not fit, because it sounds "negative" feel free to change it, my issue will still be same same: at the moment I can't rely on my Homey, to do what I told him.


  • Ok, and what is the luminance at this moment?
  • Since I have no real answer for your problem, I'm just saying here what I noticed immediately:
    If I use a decimal in my flows, I use a dot (.). Is the fact that you're using a comma (,) somehow related to anything?
  • SeraphimSeraphim Member
    edited September 2017
    @Rocodamelshe: The luminance now is 6,06

    @KoenMartens: When I first got my Homey I tried a lot of different things. The decimal things too. I realised that it doesn't matter if you use dots or comma. Actually I use comma - cause I'm used to it - and as well as testing the flow and as in daily use - when it fires - it works with comma.

    I have checked the other flows where I use numbers as condition and there are some flows without decimal but with natural numbers, that often aren't firing.
  • Maybe u wanna try to set a variable first with the better logic app. Make a variable and then make a flow with the hue sensor lum changed-->set variable. Then use that variable in ur above flows.
  • @Rocodamelshe : Help me to understand where the benefit of this solution is. I take a sensor reading an write it to a variable which I use to trigger a flow....Why? For me it's more efficient to take the reading directly as trigger, especially when it's a flow where I want to do something each time the value changes.
  • casedacaseda Member
    edited September 2017
    You use the tags themselves in the trigger for "a variable has changed", this does not work you need to use the name of the (logic) variable.

    If the value is not a logic value, then you need the corresponding device's trigger card for "lumination has changed", so add the device into the then column and cycle the cards until "lumination has changed" card

    Or of course any other trigger
  • Did you set the luminace-variable?

  • @caseda & @bvdbos : I will try this hint and will report.
  • @caseda & @bvdbos
    Well, changing the flows brought much more reliability. I have changed the flows triggering from a logic value to the devices "changed" flowcard.

    Now I have to excuse for my arrogance. The flows in deed where right and they had to work if I test them but I used the wrong trigger. So: Sorry. I hope you could understand my position.

    For now this post could be close, I will check the other flows and open a new one with a better topic.
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