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Imperihome - Homey - interface => waiting for the REST API and new SDK

EternityEternity Member
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Imperihome (available for iOS ans Android seems like the software equivallent of Homey. It facilitates multiple home automation systems in one App.

As an Imperihome Pro user I have it installed on my smartphone and tablet to control my domotica system (CoCo, FS-20, Hue, soon z-wave) and it co-exists with a Domoticz running on my Synology NAS. I like having both systems available.

As a beta tester for Imperihome, I will suggest they look into adding Homey support. And as a "Geek Homey purchaser", I would like to bring Imperihome to you attention; any chance your systems will interface? The have a control API (

Ernst van den Bosch

Check the october PCM Magazine to read my article on home automation. I mentions both Homey and Imperihome.



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    Niemand / Nobody?

  • Im guessing we all kind of feel like Homey is better and prettier then imperihome.(But hey: "We're just backers of homey") I'm not sure people will really go for it as it is competing with homey on loads of functions that they share, and combining them just seems redundant (instantly 2 apps, every profile, flow etc 2 times..)

  • imperihome App Wow Top***** Thx for the info :)

  • honeyhoney Member
    edited October 2015

    I would not say it is redundant, it could complement it giving users a choice. I know there is a lot of effort in this app so I dont want to offend anyone just a constructive critic: The GUI looks 15 years old, this needs a serious revamp to make it sleek, minimal, compress more info to the dashboard. I came across imperihome home before but I did not the dashboard visually pleasing enough to have on the wall recessed tablet. Domotica apps in 2015 looks like this:




    Or allow users to make complete skins (including arrangements and smallest details)...

  • Is there all ready a way to connect Homey to Imperihome ?? or is anybody working on connecting them ?
  • I've never noticed Imperihome but it looks very very nice. But I don't know if it will have added value to a Homey system which can connect to multiple systems as well, to control them from within one interface.

    Perhaps when people don't like the interface from the Homey smartphone / tablet apps this will be a nice alternative. Looking at this I hope the Homey smartphone app will have a customizable interface as well :smile: 
  • Perhaps when people don't like the interface from the Homey smartphone / tablet apps this will be a nice alternative. 
    Thats the reason i asked :wink: 
  • i hope that some day Imperihome will support the controller Homey too, next to the other controllers they all ready support.

    for me (for now) i have a vera controller, and in the controller i connect the devices/sensors/light/switches/ etc,  i created the flows in the controller. but i will never use the web interface as an interface on a tablet to control and monitor my home. its core function is  to act as a controller not as a software app.

    for example i will create one button Sensors,   in this combined button i will have all the door sensors in my house.
    when one sensor is triggered the button Sensors on the tablet will turn red. i click on it and see which sensor is triggered.

    an IP camera is triggered,  the screen of this camera will be displayed for 5 seconds on the tablet, after that it will return to the home screen.

    for functions like this i need an App (like Imperihome),  and i dont want a controller who thinks its a software App.
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  • wingiewingie Member
    These interfaces look 10 times better than the current homey ios app interface
  • markmgmarkmg Member
    wingie said:
    These interfaces look 10 times better than the current homey ios app interface

    They also work 10 times better
  • If some programmer is willing, they could fork the Domoticz <-> Imperihome bridge and change it to work with Homey.
    The Domoticz bridge is opensource, here:
  • EternityEternity Member
    edited June 2016
    RobinVanKekem said:
    If some programmer is willing, they could fork the Domoticz <-> Imperihome bridge and change it to work with Homey.
    The Domoticz bridge is opensource, here:

    I have linked Domoticz (running on my Synology NAS) with Imperihome thru the Domoticz bridge via MyDomoAtHome and that works great! 

    What I really like about Imperihome, are the composite widgets you can create. With one glance I see the global electricity my house uses and get a warning if a sensor is activated (screen from the Imperihome website):

    So, yes... I too hope a clever bunny will built a interface to link Homey to Imperihome!
  • Wow, it would be great if Homey could be connected to Imperihome! I love dashboards!
  • That is damn ugly, IMHO. 
  • MarcoFMarcoF Member
    ImperiHome is so user friendly, love the dashboard/widget option :)

    Would be great if Homey's WebGUI and/or App could do something like it.
  • I just recently installed the Wunderstation app on my iPad and I must say it's a good looking and functioning dashboard. Having such a dashboard with relevant widgets for Homey would be perfect!

    (Found it after installing the Weather Underground app by @robinvanKekem)

  • jovinkjovink Member
    this looks nice!! 
  • Well, I would love to see some widgets in the Homey interface (app or web) that show power usage / Winddelen output / sensor alarms if triggered... Imperihome is what I use for that, at the moment. Domoticz - also still active in  y home - has similar visualisation options.
  • keverjeroenkeverjeroen Member
    edited July 2016
    Something like Wink Touchscreen would be nice to, to work with Homey:

  • @keverjeroen ;

    I would much rather mount a decent Tablet to my wall(s). It can run a couple of Apps (including Imperihome) and be a great and flexible frontend to Homey.
  • Yeah, that's true! An tabled is much more flexible.

    But I do like that the Wink screen has 2 phisical buttons too (and some sonsors).
  • I use a wall-mounted Tablet with ImperiHome to get streams from my IP-cams and communicate with my Fibaro HC2 controller. It's easy for my house members to operate.

    BTW, you can communicate with homey with API rest commands. Didn't tried it yet.
  • I have several tablets in different rooms with Imperihome on it to communicate with Vera.
    I love to do that with the Homey, then it's bye bye Vera.
  • You can take a look at HomeyDash. It's not that far in development yet, but I think a good start of a very cool dashboard for Homey
  • Nice about Imperihome is that it supports other controllers too. So, natively it has support for HUE, CAM's and z-wave controllers like Fibaro.

    I have Homey Dash installed on a tablet, too. Also, on another tablet, I have Imperihome installed and that shows Homey Dash as a webpage within Imperihome. Further integration would be great...!
  • As a beta tester for Imperihome, I just received some news from them:

  • I use Domoticz and imperihome. If I can connect it to my Homey, that would be really great.
    can't wait....
  • B3rtB3rt Member
    i use imperihome with my vera unit, i loved it!
    I purchased the pro version of imperihome and used it a long time with vera, sadly it does not work on Homey yet.

    So i love the news that they are considering adding support for homey aswel, i mailed them several times to add support for this devices.

    So great news and i hope they release a version soon.

    If it needed to be tested i al willing to do so, i have home and the pro version of imperihome.
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