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Z-wave mesh / unknown devices

This graph shows my z-wave mesh, and I have ordered the devices to match the rooms they are placed in. 

A couple of devices are 'unknown' and I seem to miss a few devices too :-)

I bet that the second relay of my 3 Fibaro FGS-222 double switches are registered as unknown devices, leaving me with 4 unknown devices. 

How can I find out what the other unknown devices are? 

I have Greenwave powernodes - both the 1 socket and the 6 socket versions - and the 6-node versions shows as 1 devices.  Or could it be my Aeotec Sensor-6's?

I am on 1.5.1 and came from beta v1.5



  • casedacaseda Member
    edited September 2017
    The second relay does not have a separate node placement in the mesh only the main node, the same is for the greenwave sockets, only the main device is shown.

    Unknown devices are really unknown devices (no app available), or failed during inclusion devices.

    Everything in the mesh are the main device, the separate relays are so called endpoints, and don't have a separate (zwave) id, and aren't really devices, they are more like a virtual device
  • Thanks for the explanation, @caseda!

    Any suggestions on how to remove those unknown devices? Will probably not have an effect on Homey 's performance, but I love tidiness  B)
  • @jeroenvollenbrock said a pretty long time ago that it would be deleted automatically in a future update... :tongue:
  • Future updates solve all issues.... ;-)
  • HansSHansS Member
    How can I make such a map of my mesh network?
    It looks great!
  • This map has been decrepated, was kind of buggy. Also, the next map which was on was omitted cause it was buggy too. Eyecandy is nice but has to be correct.
  • HansSHansS Member
    Thanks bvdbos. Ik look in the developer section.

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