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Devices initially added in a nested 'child' of a room is still a part of it even after moving it

I created a 'balcony' zone and wanted to move it above a certain room in the order in the UI. By accident I made it a child of the living room and at that without knowing it was at that level,  I added a KAKU device (one that you need to build in the wall behind a switch). After that I moved the 'balcony' one level up so it would be on the same level as the living room. But still, the device is seen as a child of the living room too. So turning all lights in the living room on, turns this one on as well. To try to correct things, I created a new zone with a dummy name, moved the device to that zone but it would still be seen as a child of the living room too.

I'm currently on Homey 1.5.1 and KAKU 3.1.5 but have no idea at which versions I was when I created things (I think Homey 1.3.0 but no idea about the kaku version). Is there any way I can correct this besides removing the device, dismantling the wall switch, pair it again, open all relevant flows and correct these?


  • That's definitely a bug, could you file this on Github?
  • To be sure I tried to reproduce the issue with another KAKU socket plugin switch this evenin. I could not... So I assumed it was something that happened due to an earlier version of homey or the ui or...

    Well, it was an or... found by accident... Due to my GF being 'stubborn'...

    She used a separate KAKU remote control to turn on the one KAKU lamp inside the livingroom (all others are Philips Hue) since she does not have the Homey app yet and refuses (for now ;-) to talk to Homey. When she used this remote, the balcony lamp went on too in addition to triggering a Homey flow I created for debugging this. And then I remembered... For testing the APIR 2150 KAKU (which has a very bad 'reach' in combination with Homey's sort of limited reception) I also paired it with this remote control which homey needs for the normal lamp (no idea why I used the same button).

    So effectively everything worked perfectly as 'designed' (but not intended for 'production'). SNAFU... Sorry
  • Great!
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