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Flow is triggered on reboot

Hi, have a Fibaro FGSD-002 Smoke Detector which i  have installed using  Fibaro app, and the device works fine.  I created some flows that are triggered if smoke alarm is turned on, and when the smoke alarm is turned off.  The flows that are triggered when the smoke alarm is turned off are triggered every time homey reboots. The smoke alarm was not turned on, since it was off before the reboot.. Any one else having issues with flows being started at reboot?


  • GeurtDijkerGeurtDijker Member
    edited September 2017
    I didn't  test but I guess it looks like this one is back:
    Or something similar maybe.
  • I didn;t have this issue, except with devices which are connected to virtual devices.
  • Hi,
    Seems like the problem is gone after upgrade to1.5.0 stable.
  • For me this problem came AFTER the update to 1.5

    scared the hell out of my wife, when homey restarted in the middle of the night last night when homey updated to 1.5. It suddenly turned on the TV and media player. I have a flow that should be triggered when i turn on a wireless socket (433 mhz thing) and that one now triggers every time homey reboots.
  • Do you have a screenshot of that flow?
  • I have this from the very beginning. Gonna check tonight if it happens again.
  • come to think of it, I might have this too for a acd1000 but afaik not for a dimmer...
  • Well, I have it just with a flow. That flow is always running when Homey booted. It's a flow that when I push a button or ask a specific question Homey is telling me the max outside temp at a specific hour. Asking the Homewizard every minute for the stats. Homey always says: " The max temp was 0 at 0 hour". So nothing to do with Fibaro or dimmers specific.
  • bvdbos said:
    Do you have a screenshot of that flow?
    i dont know if this is specific for 1.5, since it wasnt needed to reset homey lately. 

  • Testing wasn't easy, 
    looks like it doesn't always happen..... Not every restart and/or not every device.
  • It's still here at 1.5.1
    Made a Boolean with the better logic app.
    After that I made a device with better logic.
    Then I made a flow with IF Boolean is true THEN give me the max temp and the time it was max. This data is from Homewizard which I store in a variable. On every reboot of Homey the flow is running and always telling me: The maximum temperature was 0 degrees at 0 hours. If I shut the flow down and reboot Homey the flow is not running after reboot. Then , after enabling the flow again, the flow is running after reboot. 
  • I have the same thing with my Duwi (Z-Wave.Me) dimmer. Every time when Homey reboots the lights connected to the dimmer turn on.
  • danonedanone Member
    edited September 2017
    Same with an Aeotec Switch 6 which controls my coffee machine, Homey yelled in the middle of the night "coffee is ready, enjoy it"
    And one of the Fibaro Door sensors which turns on the garage light. So the garage light was on this morning.
    I had then Homey rebooted several times and only once the flows (same two flows as above) were triggered.
    Interesting that I have few more of this Aeotec switches on various appliances and using identical flows for each of them and those do not trigger after a reboot.
  • last night it happened again! after it upgraded to 1.5.1
  • Same issue for me again when the device upgraded to 1.5.1. The two flows that I described in the first post now triggers on every reboot.
  • @Christian77 can you show a screenshot of the flows triggering...
    I guess I understand why the Smoke alarm is off flow get's triggered after an update or reboot.

    After an update of reboot, the state of the flow sensor (and many other devices) gets reset to "null" (empty), if the sensor is providing it's state to Homey, Homey will update the sensor state to Off, which will trigger your flow...

    You could prevent this by e.g. disabling the OFF flow, enabling from within the ON and disabling itself if triggered...

  • Hi, 
    Attached is the screenshot of the flow that is being triggered on every reboot. An explanation for the flow being triggered can be as TedTolboom suggested be that the flow sensor (and many other devices) gets reset to "null" (empty) on reboot and that Homey will update the sensor state to Off when restarted. It would probably be a good idea for Homey to store the state , so that there is no change just because the device is rebooted....

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