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Deleted flow still running ?

I have a strange issue.

When I turn on my "watch TV activity" from my harmony hub remote (elite) or by voice trough my Amazon Alexa the lights in my living room turns off...

I have checked all my flows, and I do not have any flows that only turns off the z-wave controlled living room lights. In every flow i have a Simple Log entry that states date, time and flow name. The only flow running when my TV is turned on is a simple flow to turn off the LED ring on Homey. It is only the "Watch TV" activity that turns off the lights.  Any other activity that uses the TV (e.g.Netflix, games) adjust the lightning in my living room according to relevant flow.
My Homey is connected to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT and Yonomi, but none of them can control any Z-Wave devices directly.

I am starting to suspect that I have a deleted scene still running...
I have rebooted Homey, but still the same problem.
Any tips for investigating this behaviour?


  • Problem sort of solved by making a new flow that sets the brightness of the lights in the living rom when the "Watch TV" activity is started.
    It would still be interesting to know why the lights was turned off in the first place...
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