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Check every x minutes

baboonenbaboonen Member
edited September 2017 in Questions & Help
Hi all,

How can I get Homey to check every x minutes if a device is on or off?

Regards Bobby


  • @baboonen which device are you talking about?
    Does it have a direct connection to Homey and or does it have a polling setting?
  • Just use the every x minutes action card as trigger from time
  • I want to check every x minutes if #lux has changed. Then trigger a flow with a condition to check if there is also motion and during the day (overdag). I use a Aeotec Multisensor 6 for this. My problem is that at 7.30 in the morning my lights don't turn on when I arrive downstairs. 

    The next question: what exactly is overdag? Is it from 6 am to 6 pm?
  • DaneeDeKruyffDaneeDeKruyff Member
    edited September 2017
    Thats not the best way to get what you want. 
    Best is to make a flow that triggers on movement and evaluate the lux value at that time. Remember though, if the lux value of the sensor is changing when your light is on you will have to store the lux value in a variable but only when the light is off.
    Is the sensor battery or usb powered?
    I may be able to share some screenshots this evening to show how I configured it.
  • The tag Lux doesn't work at my place but fortunately Helderheid does. The sensor is usb powered.

    What is your suggestion? What is the best way to build a better flow than this one?
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