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Automate Lego Towerbridge

PeterGroenewegPeterGroeneweg Backer - Geek Edition
edited August 2017 in Developers
Hi All,

I just bought the Lego Towerbridge and putted it together. Now I have a very nice piece of Lego standing in my mancave but it's not completed yet. I also bought a ledlight set to create some nice lighting in and around the bridge and I also want to automate the moving parts of the bridge with motors.

Now I want to be able to control these things remotely and what would be more fun to integrate it with Homey :smiley:. Now the biggest question I have is what the best way would be. I want to control the Lego motors by own developed hardware and not with the usual Lego hardware. I thought about using an Arduino or some, connect it via Wifi to Homey, then create an app for Homey to control it.

What do you think about this? What would be the best board cause an Arduino is a bit big for this case. Or are there already some plug and play solutions created by the community?

Thanks for thinking with me!


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