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Smoke detectors working with Homey

I want to buy new smoke detectors (3x) which can be linked to each other. Unfortunately, replacing all smoke detectors in our house with the ones from Fibaro, will be to expensive (for now).

I already found some smoke detectors from homewizard, but can they also be used in combination with Homey?
Or perhaps there are the other suggestion on what to buy?


  • The HomeWizard smoke detectors are through the 433MHz and have no feedback and thus will not report their status and battery level.
    Bought 3 Fibaro smoke detectors which have Z-wave and report their status.

  • Hi! 
    I think the new Homewizard Smoke detectors use 868mhz.
    Is it possible to use them with Homey? 

    Thanks & Greets,
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