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[APP STORE] Device Groups - makes grouping devices easy

swtttswttt Member
edited March 2018 in Apps

HomeyGroup - makes grouping devices easy

Since i recently added some Ikea bulbs to Homey, i was missing a way to group them in an easy way without flows.
So now with HomeyGroups you can add a new (virtual) device that asks during the pairing process what class it should be, what capabilities should be added and then shows what devices are capable of grouping. Once added you got 1 device that controls all the grouped ones.

The app is tested with lights, sockets etc. but i am hoping some people could test this with other classes and capabilities as well.

To do:
  • Translate pairing process
  • Sync device states with the group
    • On realtime event check all states, switch the groupedDevice accordingly
  • Add appstore pictures with hidden kibbeling

Issues & Feature requests

If you found any bugs you can create an issue on github .

Any other feature request can be added there as well.


If you like this app, then consider to buy me a beer :smile:


The code can be found here:



  • Published version 1.0.0 :smile:
  • Since nobody posted any comments yet.

    This app is amazing. Grouping my devices to a single switch has never been this easy.

    Without any flow i can controle my sunscreens by floor level and all of them .. same for a complete floor light plan etc.

    Give it a try and it will become clear that you cant have a Homey without this app installed on it.
  • cbhcbh Member
    Definitely a hit!
    This should be native in Homey!
  • I know it is a really cool App. i will try it but haven't many lights to group so far. great app @swttt like all your other apps.
  • WRosWRos Member
     :) :) <3 <3
    Love this app. A lot of flows are delete, because of this app. 
  • Great concept, very in...this should be standard Homey functionality! 

    Well done @swttt
  • Cool! Good to see its usefull :)

    got tired myself of dragging 3 lights to one flow just to switch on the kitchen lights etc. 
  • phbphb Member
    @swttt  installed the app yesterday find a very usefull thx!!!
  • @swttt  Great job ! Editting existing groups would be nice to add....
  • @Ronald_A
    Huhm...might need to create an app settings page for that.
    But first somehow i want to create a setting to sync device status to the grouped device.
    So you can chose if 1 device within the group is on, show grouped device as off and only show as on when all devices are on as well. Or show it as on if just 1 device is on within the group.
  • Great app . Thanks swttt. is it possible to add this to the dashboard?
  • @madmax
    They should work with the current HomeyDash beta, and will work in the future update as well.
    Every device gets their class (like light etc.) so even speech wil work for grouped devices if you ask homey to turn off all the lights in the livingroom for example :)
  • madmaxmadmax Member
    edited August 2017
    Mhh. I have installed homeydash v0.0.19. I can choose my blinds under Homey devices -> Select a capability -> Dim, but no groups
  • @madmax
    Might depend on what capabilities your blinds support, you could try other options. It only displays devices with the supported capability. (in your example case all devices with the dim capability)
  • Would like to make the grouped device a bit smarter.
    I already improved the pairing process (no {{}} anymore when loading a pairing window)

    But it would be nice if the grouped device responds to the devices that are in it. (if 1 device within the group is on, the grouped device should have the state turned on etc.)

    Anyone any ideas about it?
  • How I personaly would like to see it:

    - 1 or more devices are on, group shows on
    - all devices are off, group shows off

  • cbhcbh Member
    Your app is pretty close to the "Virtual devices"-app...
    Don't know how much work it would be - but perhaps the options from that one could be integrated in yours - and woops - two apps were reduced to one :-)
  • I have been using a grouped device to control three Hue lights for a little while now, but I noticed sometimes one (always the same one: the last one in the group) wasn't turned on or off. The other two were switched as I expected, but not the third one.

  • swtttswttt Member
    edited February 2018
    This is due a limitation on Homey's Zigbee at the moment, there were rumours that Athom is working on a grouping solution tho. Or at least have thought about it...

  • I would like to see a simple solutions to grouping devices. So i stumbled on this post, but where can I find the app? I can only find the code on github. Well... I am very new to this, and do not have a clue about where to start... 
    Thanks in advance!
  • swtttswttt Member
    Here you go:

    Do note, this is a simple solution. It works, but no fancy features. Athom said they were working on a solution themself, so i stopped developing this.
  • Yes, Athom actually advised this app. But while installing I got the question to give full access to my homey. Didn't know if I should do it. 
    Is there any news on homey updates?
  • swtttswttt Member
    It needs full access to be able to control other devices outside the sandbox. Something they will fix as well, for now the web-api only has that permission and will be split to multiple permissions some day.
  • Thank you for commenting :) 
  • swtttswttt Member
    edited March 2018
    Merged a PR by @robertklep to the beta, this enables editing groups!

    Published already in the appstore.
  • I miss the watersensor devices in the list I can choose from.
  • Hi, Thanks for the app but got a question still
    I have grouped two sonos speakers and put them in a flow with playlist
    When I run the flow one speaker played the playlist the other plays sometihng else?
    Can you assist to solve this?
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