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Control where Homey gives its feedback


When I trigger homey via the phone app, sometimes the homey speaks back to me via the phone and sometimes via the homey device. 

 What is the idea about this? Can I control this somehow?


  • Build-in is replied through the device which receives. For the apps, it depends on whether or not the dev added that to the app. But do you have some examples?
  • Well, sometimes when we are watching TV or listening to music and I want to ask something to Homey via phone, I want the receive its feedback on the phone and not from the Homey device.

    For example I ask what will be the weather tomorrow or I enable some flow where I want to hear some feedback which I added to the THEN step in that flow. The Homey itself is placed near TV and I am sitting outside in the garden, so in that case I want to feedback via phone and not via Homey device.
  • When using speech through action cards, speech will go out through homey. That is because homey doesn't know where else to send the output to. 
  • Would be a nice feature to be able to configure on the action cards where the speech must go
  • Should be an issue for that but can't find it now. You could use the line-out. There's an issue though where someone asks to not use line-out for speech.
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