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HTPC triggers Homey flows

Hi All,

As a starting Domotica-fan I'm beginning to understand some basics with homey. In this way i managed to use homey to trigger events on my HTPC  (home theater PC, aka a computer) using Eventghost and a very basic http server. However, now i am looking for the other way around, thus triggering some flows using my desktop. Is this possible and can someone help me to achieve this? 

example of what i would like to achieve:
- Turning off my HTPC triggers a flow that turns of my television and AV/receiver
- Turning on Youtube turns off/mutes the music
- Based on applications that are starting/running will trigger flows to set certain preferences

Any help is appreciated!



  • 1. 
    On homey install the HTTP app and build a flow with a "http get" trigger & trigger word htpcoff  and a THEN with turn off TV & AV,   Use eventghost with a IF "power off" trigger to call an URL (to Homey) 
    URL should look something like  http://<LocalIP>/api/app/com.internet/htpcoff

    Basically the same story as above, though the trigger word must be different

    Also same as the above :-) 

  • It is working! Thanks Techniman!
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