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Security cams

Hi, do you have any ideas or experuence how homey can cooperate with  wifi security cam systes?


  • gringo said:
    Hi, do you have any ideas or experience how Homey can cooperate with wifi security cam systems?

  • For now there is a synology security station app that can connects cams to homey and you can send snapshot images tru a telegram message if im not mistaken
  • The easiest way is if your camera has a snapshot URL that produces a JPG file. Then you can use this app:
    Google for the brand and type of your camera to see if it has a snapshot URL. For example, all Foscam IP cameras are shown at

    If your camera does not support this, you can make screenshots if you add the camera to a Synology NAS with Surveillance Station, as @mruiter mentioned. The app can be found here:
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