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Many home automatization elements like blinds, heating, etc needs daily/weekly schedule. E.g.: Monday 8AM » 21C°, 9AM » 17C°, 6PM » 21C°, 11PM » 19C° , Tuesdays 7:75AM…..

How schedules can be made in homey, is there a dedicated UI for this or special card in the flow editor, or how does it work? The standard flow editor is not the best solution as that would require a separate flow for each individual changes, if I am correct. That would mean creating 20-30 individual flow just for the heating/room, that would be painful and hard to overview.
I know that Nest can handle the schedules, but to have Nest in each room is overly too expensive and anyway it does not support TRVs. Also thermostats are not needed if we have a temperature sensors (like the one in Fibaro Multisensor). Furthermore schedules are needed not only for the heating. How these will be handled by homey?


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