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Parent zones don't show devices of child zones


I'm starting with Homey and its configuration. I created my parent zones and their children. For example I have a parent zone called Home and beneath it I have children like Ground Floor, First Floor. Each of those have again zones. For example Ground Floor has Living Room, Kitchen, etc. 

Now I'm adding devices to the leafs (uppermost child). For example I add my Hue lamps in living room to the Living Room zone and my Hue lamps in kitchen to the Kitchen zone.

Now I notice that the parent Ground Floor zone still shows 0 devices. I would expect it to show all devices of all its child zones. When it would do that, I could create a flow which switches off all my Hue lamps of Ground Floor at once.

Is there a way to do this? Should I add the same Hue lamps to the Ground Floor zone again? And then also to the Home zone again? Or is there a way to have these devices to show up in all its parent zones?

Thx in advance!


  • @roel_hendr no, this is currently not possible.
    The devices are only displayed in their own zones so that it is possible to use context aware commands (eg switch off lights in living room); not in the parents of the zone.

    Also creating duplicate devices is not possible. I could be possible to creat virtual devices, which you then need to link via flows to the real devices, but this is so far limited to onoff capability.

    In Homey SW v2.0, planned for end of this year, the UI of the app will completely be revised. Additional features will be included, eg dashboard like setup, but further details are not known right now.
  • Thx for the info, let's hope this feature will be available in a future release
  • Thx for the info, let's hope this feature will be available in a future release
    I guess it is also getting used to...
    at home(y) level I have my Scene buttons, all other devices are separated at individual zones... if used to it navigates quite fast...
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