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reverse logic devices list | UX/interaction design

Every time I use the app on my iPhone or on my MacBook; I can't help to think the selection logic is backwards.

When I open "Devices" it will show "Home"; which consists of every device I have, but I see none of them. 
I have to dive deeper and deeper, room by room to find the device I'm looking for. 

So every time I want to turn a light on in my living room I have to:
  1. click/tap "Home"
  2. "Begane grond"
  3. "Woonkamer"
  4. and then the specific light
That is at least 2 taps too many.

If you present the above as a filter (so reverse the logic) I'll have:
  1. on the first click/tap a complete list of my "home" which I can search by scrolling
  2. click/tap my specific light from the list

If you have a long list of devices you can use your rooms as filters so:
  1. first click/tap: complete list of all my devices in "home"
  2. click/tap "woonkamer"; narrowing my complete list down to only the devices in the "woonkamer"
  3. click/tap my specific light from te list
Still one click/tap less than the original flow; by your own choice because you are able to select it from the complete list since everything is initially visible.

Hopefully this option can/will be implemented :)

Keep up the good work!!


  • bvdbosbvdbos Moderator, Backer - Geek Edition
    That was a deliberate choice. If you have just a couple of devices then it would be really nice but there's also people with hundreds of devices. This would cause a gigantic load and unusable user-interface. If you only have a couple of devices then you could also ommit the zones. I did that for some zones...
  • What I did was put some better logic switches on the home page. To toggle certain scenes and or devices. Works really well :)

  • JPeJPe Member
    edited August 2017
    As @MrDutchfighter says, what you want is already possible, you also can use Virtual devices placed in the "Devices Home Zone" for this, they are directly visible in the App and they can start/stop a scene with multiple lights and /or devices with one press on a button/switch. That's what home automation is, not just replacing remotes, but make life easier. Personally, I almost never switch on lights, they are switched on depending on how dark it is and if I'm home or not.
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