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Neo Coolcam or Fibaro

roel_hendrroel_hendr Member
edited August 2017 in Devices

I'm about to buy Homey and diving into the world of domotica. I want to start simple with some door sensors and wall plugs.

Now I see 2 interesting brands: Fibaro and Neo Coolcam. Looks like last one is more cheap, but cannot say if that's a good argument to buy some devices of Neo Coolcam.

Can you all give me good advice what to buy?

Thx in advance!


  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    edited August 2017
    They both work evenly well in general afaik but Fibaro also does temperature and tamper-alarm for the motion sensor. As for the doorsensor: The Fibaro has an extra binary input.

    Robbshop has an action-period with substantial discounts for Neo at the moment....
  • Currently i only use fibaro. I've bought some Neo stuff in the past but they didn't work well. The max range of a wallplug was 2m where fibaro reaches the second floor in the house. Besides that, the quality of the Neo wallplugs felt very cheap compared to Fibaro.
  • rtnartna Member
    Neo is very good quality in my opinion. I have the siren, serveral wallplugs and motion sensors en no problems at all. Built quality is also good. 
  • I have neo fibaro and aeotec . Al work well. NEO is nicely priced . But the pir does miss tamper and temp. Has lux next to motion only but way cheaper if you dont need it at those places.

    There is nothing to say about range. That differs from place to place and then brand im that place.

    I havr sevral Homeys and i see that the range of the fibaro is better then neo on 1 site. And neo performs way better in my other home. 

    The key ingredient of a good working zwave network is its mesh network. So the more non battery powered devices you put in the right places if youre homey the will expand the range of the battery powered tru its mesh network.

    Again its trial and error in youre place.we cant tell what kind of radio signals you and toure neigbours al have.
    Thats why i always mix the brands to

  • I use Neocool door sensors and the range is quite good. Homey is in my living room, which is about 15 meters and a lot of walls away from my front door. The frontdoor is just out of range for about 50 centimeters.
  • Does anyone have a NAS-SW01ZE installed?

    Could you perhaps share some pictures? 


  • I have the NAS-SW01ZE but they are not full operational.@TedTolboom is working on it.

    I also have all the sensors(door/motion) and am very satisfied with it
  • Hi Michael, 

    Could you share a picture on how they look once installed?
  • That's good, but you may only have to help me remember by that time
  • I would recommend to start small, cheap and simple and upgrade as you need it.
    I started with klik-aan-klik-uit and I still use it a lot. For the things I use most, I upgraded to Figaro. The fibaro devices are amazingly flexible.
  • JPeJPe Member
    For me, qubino is also very interesting, dimmers are easier to build in, in the ceiling because of no need for potential free input-contact.

  • JasperBJasperB Member
    edited August 2017
    JPe said:
    For me, qubino is also very interesting, dimmers are easier to build in, in the ceiling because of no need for potential free input-contact.

    It's a shame that qubino dimmers can't be set up using 2wire like fibaro though :(
  • MarkvKMarkvK Member
    edited April 2018
    I'm installig Neo Coolcam wall socket right now. Homey says i have to push te button 3 times. it seem that it is nog working and returning giving back "Het interview is verlopen" Tips?
  • Hit the button like u mean it. Like 3 times within 1 second.
  • tried it again, flashing blue and yellow then, but homey does not respond

  • done, it has te be in off modus en than rapidly click 3 times, 
  • EternityEternity Member
    edited April 2018
    Exclude it first. Than try to include. And make sure to be within a meter to Homey.
  • Eternity said:
    Exclude it first. Than try to include. And make sure to be within a meter to Homey.
    It works like a charm now, thanks guys.
  • rickprickp Member
    Got neo coolcam and fibaro pirs. The coolcam has a lot less settings and "only" 4 different levels of sensitivety. They are more reliable the the fibaro ones. They always work while the 2 fibaro's sometimes get stuk on motion on. This lasts a couple of days or I have to remove/readd. Pain in the ass. 

    The plugs have a smaller range and the build quality feels a lot less so thats going to depend on how you are using them. With a lot and if. You don't remove the plug everyday they are fine. If you just want do Boost range use the fibaro. 
  • I use both. The Neo is way cheaper, but the range is a problem. Adding some Fibaro devices helps here to solve this. So I recommend a combination!
  • edited April 2018
    Ditto here:
    Neo powerplug (works great (6), incl. measuring)
    Neo motion sensors (several (4), work great)

    Fibaro for in-wall switches (3x)
    Fibaro for screens (3x)

    And on the latest aliexpress discount I bought another 3x motion and 3x powerplugs from NEO
  • Herman2604Herman2604 Member
    edited May 2018
    I started with 2 Neo wallplugs but they did not work, then i read that putting 1 Fibaro in the mesh net work would solve the problem (beter signal), and i got one NEO to work the other not.
    I took out both NEO wallplugs and im getting only fibaro for now, its just not worth the trouble.
    Domotica needs to be reliable 
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