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IR & 433

LorkLork Member
edited August 2017 in Questions & Help
hi dears,

my Homey is on the way ... :-)

i have questions about 2 actual equipment in my home ....

IR air conditioning machine (Mitsubishi electric) also 433 shutter roller (eurotronic)

can i control using a learn mode ?
standar app?

many thanks in advance 


  • Hi @Lork,

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy your Homey.

    Learning IR is possible, but not always successful.
    Therefore, Athom is starting to release dedicated IR apps; at first for the TV brands. The community might extend it further...

    For the Air conditioning, I'm currently working to extend the current Remotec app for the ZXT-120 and it's successor. Both are Z-wave to IR Airco controllers that offer thermostat control of your air conditioner controller by Homey.

    433 will require addition step to learn the signal and add it to an app / driver.. The Eurotronic Z-wave devices are already supported by an community app, perhaps someone will also make a 433 version for your devices.
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