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For Sale: Nello One

JustinVanElstJustinVanElst Backer - Geek Edition
At the time of the kickstarter I was living in a flat. But not anymore so i don't have any use for my Nello One (one of the first batches).
I will sell it for 80 euros excl. shipping (from the Netherlands)


  • JustinVanElstJustinVanElst Backer - Geek Edition
    More info from the manufacturer: https://www.nello.io/en/

  • JaapPeltJaapPelt Backer - Homey
    I'm also selling my Nello. 80 euros excl. shipping or pickup in Eindhoven (NL).

    It turns out that my specific type of intercom is not yet supported. They are currently working on it, but I won't be living in the appartement much longer, so there is no point in waiting for it. 

    You can check the compatibility of your intercom here: https://www.nello.io/en/
    If you live in Eindhoven area, I'll come install it for you (try before you buy). I'm curious to see it in action. 
  • If anyone sells it let me know. Would love to check it out. but 120 euro is a bit to much for my lazieness
  • JaxcJaxc Moderator, Backer - Super Early Bird
    Are these products still for sale? Or can this topic be closed?
This discussion has been closed.