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Mi AI Speaker from Xiaomi for 38 euro

FloodnlFloodnl Member
edited July 2017 in Off-Topic
Well i am curious about this product it will be a hassle to install but once installed it runs great so.  Let's see what happens


  • How exactly is this a cheaper version of homey?
  • First see if English will be supported and how speech recognition is, my Mandarin is pretty lousy. If that is actually properly supported it's an interesting product indeed along the lines of the Alexa Echo Dot (although that will eventually support Dutch I hope).

    Would not call it a 38 bucks version of Homey as it lacks quite some protocols which Homey supports.
  • Still I'm curious (read suspicious) about having a Chinese microphone  installed at my home...
    without any supervision...
  • I guess you don't really have an idea what Homey is?
    Could be an nice adition for Homey to support Mandarin language to Homey ...
    Would boost Homey's sales potential to a market somewhat bigger then the Netherlands  and a couple of northern Europe country's. 
    I hope it makes them busy in Enschede and Haaksbergen
  • lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
    edited July 2017
    Changed the topic title because the Mi AI Speaker can be compared with the Google Home/Alexa but it's something different then Homey because it lacks a chips like Zigbee, Z-wave and 443/868mhz. It can be soon as an addon to Homey just like Google Home/Alexa

    Floodnl said:
    Well i am curious about this product it will be a hassle to install but once installed it runs great so.  Let's see what happens 

    @Floodnl Do you already have one that you know it runs great after install, thought it would be released in august? 
  • @lubbertkramer  no don't have one yet :) i do have other hardware from them that was a hadsle but runs great now. they do will support English they said on the forum

    but i dont want to replace homey. I was more pointing to a cheap speaker/mic option to place in other rooms.  I know they support itfff
  • RuudvBRuudvB Member
    Do keep us informed about arrival and progress.

    I just added another Yeelight, also Xiaomi to my homey. In one word amazing! This one and another which is on it's way are replacing the Wemo bulbs I had. What a relieve getting rid of the Wemo's and replacing them with the Yeelights. This took not even 5 minutes; the wemo's took half a day and afterwards never worked reliable.

    Since we have the Mi-app at the app store, I would say: more Xiaomi stuff!
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