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Beeclear app dutch meter

Can some one make a app for reed the dutch meter with bee clear 
you can find information on www.beeclear.nl
if some one make it I will test it 

greetings Cor 


  • The question is what you want to be able to do this with is app? 
  • reading actual power consumption 
    Gas consumption 
    and total power consumption 
  • gruijter_devgruijter_dev Member
    edited July 2017
    @winnetoe I'm the developer for the smartmeter apps for Enelogic, Youless and Plugwise devices. I'm willing to look at the beeclear if there are multiple potential users. Also I need to find some time for this, since I'm also working on some other apps. ;)

    So, who else is interested in beeclear?
  • I hope you can do this 
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