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[Published] Homekit for Homey



  • Ok well if it can be done per device that's ok too, as I read it in your comment it was on a zone level.

    Will it be possible to block certain capabilities of a device. I have, for example,  several MultiSensors and I'm only interested in Motion and Temperature, not the Light Intensity (lux)
  • IT seems that notifications from HomeKit eg when a door is opened are send with a long delay (30 minutes or more) anyone else with this problem?
  • Any news for this app ?
  • hi, does anyone know when you activate a switch on Home app on iOS, does it trigger a flow in Homey?

    thanks in advance
  • Should be possible yes.
    You might need to create a virtual device that triggers a flow tho...
  • swttt said:
    Should be possible yes.
    You might need to create a virtual device that triggers a flow tho...

    How Would you create a virtual device for that?
  • New beta release, should fix some issues.
  • The beta release is promoted to stable. This version includes support for Heimdall (and other alarmsystems). Thanks to @DaneeDeKruyff for adding support for this in the Heimdall app.
  • Could you please also add support for ? :) Thanks.
  • @mbnn what would you want supported? I think turning On/off might work, but volume and channel control are not part of HomeKit.

    At the moment you can also create a virtual switch in Homey which is already supported in homeykit. You can then link this virtual device in a flow to your TV.
  • Turning on and off is enough i think for now :) 
  • YpeYpe Member
    please add support Harmony Hub to start or stop for example watching tv. Turn on tv,receiver and dvb by siri
  • I've added a thermostat via virtualdevices but it is not showing up in the iOS Home app, any suggestions?
  • klaasklaas Member
    er is ook altijd weer iets wat niet goed meer werkt na een update van de athom homey 1.5.9 . Nu werk deze fantastische app homey kit weer niet lekker , na een paar uurtjes kan ik niks meer bedienen via de iphone woning . Ik zie overigens wel alles aan uit gaan , bijv. de deur sensors , maar ik kan via de woning app niks aan en uit zetten . Wanneer ik de app vervolgens reboot geef  dan doet hij het weer voor een tijdje . Jammer hoor
  • Plz keep it in English for everyone to understand!
  • klaasklaas Member
    after an update of the athom homey 1.5.9. this fantastic app homey kit does not work well again, after a few hours I can not operate anything anymore via the iphone app house. I see everything going on/out for example the door sensors, but I can not switch anything on and off via the app. When I  reboot the app, then it works well again. Too bad
  • NisseNisse Member
    Hello, I have problems with the connection to the Home-app on my iPhone.
    It usally works for 1 day, but after that I have to restart my Homey to make it work again.
    Is there any updates on the way?
  • I have the same Problem like the others. The Buttons change Status in the App, but nothing happens in the room.
  • gaudiopsgaudiops Unconfirmed, Member
    edited August 2018
    First: Great app! I use HomeKit a lot, so im very grateful. I was sondering about 1 thing, the app says buttons are supported, but a zwave plus fibaro button installals perfect in homey, but is the onlangs device i cant see in homeyapp? I van see my Ring, fibaro wallplug (zwave plus) and sunscreen.
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