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No internet - No Homey

bschoppibschoppi Member
edited July 2017 in Archive
Last week mine glass fiber was broken (a childerens toy was placed on top of the fiber distribution box outside mine house).
Since that day, mine Homey is off line, not working and out off reach.
Wifi is still functional, I can reach all other Wifi devices, but not Homey.
PTP, did not give any result, anybody an idea what to do?


  • Hai,
    This happens also to me because of switching to an other and faster dsl line.The only way is to follow up the next link
    What happenend here that if you follow the procedure in the link there is a certain time that you must switch from the wifi connection of homey to your usual wifi startup point
    Here after i recovered homey (homey up side down) and wait for 10 sec,selecting for homey the right wifi starting point
    i could not switch afterwards to the wifi starting point due to a bad line
    What i did is ptp homey thats the only thing i could do and wait for 30 min and then started up homey,to my surprise homey was connected to the right wifi point and my devices etc etc were intact
    For you maybe not necessary but i have to mentioned it what happend here
    So you must follow the link above and keep your setup intact otherwise you will lose your whole setup (flows,devices etc etc)
    good luck

  • Hi, thanks for the reply.
    My problem is, that it wil take probably one or two weeks before
    the cable is fixed.
    So since there is no internet, I would not take the risk, because it is for me not certain of it wil work.
  • @bschoppi What address do you use to connect to your homey? Can you post the url here?
  • RebtorRebtor Member
    I think you should fix your internet connection first.

    I'm fairly sure you can't reset / setup homey without an active internet connection. Also some services on homey use cloud services from Athom.

    After setup you normaly can connect to homey localy (true IP adress) but its functions are somewat limited. But if your homey is stuck for whatever reason you won't solve that without an internet connection.
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    Should be possible without a connection (but don't know how difficult this will be). If you browse to your internal ip with chrome, can you log in? If not: Can you press F12 and look in the cookies fir the bearer-token? You need to have logged in through the browser before, so the cookie was stored in the browser-cache. Then you might go to
    http://<internal ip>/?bearer_token=4741c1ab346ef782eeb82c228e2f90c361472e (replace internal ip and bearer-token with yours) in the browser.

  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    BTW, didn't you get a fall-back solution from your ISP. If you have XS4ALL (or maybe others do this too) you get a dongle. Also, isn't it possible to connect to your neighbours wifi or wired network?
  • Rebtor is right first your internet connection should be fixed,but from a laptob or phone can you reach your wifi starting point from which you normally have connection to the internet
    if that is so then you can do the setup i described,the point is that homey only lost his connection to that wifi point.
    the fact that you do not have access to the internet is not important,after the setup you can then reach homey locally as bvdbos described
    one thing is sure also after your cable is fixed you must do the setup,if you do not then homey will not work even if your cable is fixed
    so it is up to you,sometimes you have to expiriment with homey,one thing is sure you will not loose your setup,flows and devices that easy
  • Yes I get a emergency solution, and yes i am connected eith the Wifi of the neigbours.
    But there is simply no way to get connected with Homey.
    The original ip adres gives no connection, and after PTP i do not know what the staus is from Homey.
    The ledring is normal functioning, but flows are not working.
    I think this is a case for Athom to look into.
    for now I am glad to have also the KAKU remotes.
    But it is a bit disapointing.
  • lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
    edited July 2017
    When you connect Homey to the Wifi of your neighbours do you also connec to that wifi before connecting to the IP of Homey otherwise the IP is not known in your own local network (Just asking)

    When you switch it back to your own network do you see Homey getting an IP from your router? Tested it here by pulling the cable so the home had no internet but Homey kept working, reachable by the local ip that i see in my router. From what i see it's more a problem on your side then a problem with Homey, Homey keeps working fine
  • Just pull the cable and do a PTP, and you have also a not working  Homey.

  • Discovered this morning, at least one flow started, so there is some life in Homey.
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