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Apps SDK v2 implications for old/abandoned apps

This was the first thing that popped in my head, what happens with older apps that are no longer supported by the creator
in general but also specifically to the new SDK version?

There are some apps I depend on but are no longer being supported, for now they  seem to be working but this might change in the future.. Will Athom step in and support these or will the functionality gradually be absorbed into the HomeyOS©   ? 


  • lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
    edited July 2017
    Well, logic thinking is that the app stays working until the date support stops, because 1.5 makes a big jump in nodejs version (4 -> 8). When the app is developed by the community and will not work or updated to SDK 2 those will be removed from the app store when Athom stops support SDK 1 (possible with 2.0). When 1.5 hits stable new apps/updated apps need to make use of SDK 2. Maybe Athom or other developers will take care those apps that are abandon but it's not up to Athom to support/take care of community apps. I prefer they don't because otherwise the Athom team is only building apps and innovation stops. 

    But wich apps do you use that need to be absorbed into HomeyOS? I could only think of  apps like better logic / virtual devices that possible could be absorbed, other apps are not general enough for to be in the core of Homey 
  • RebtorRebtor Member
    I'm not afraid this is going to be a problem. Usualy these apps are made by people who needed them so as long as they keep using homey they will maintain the apps. Also its not that Athom drops support over night. So even those developers that are not that active have time to update there apps.

    But most important, all apps are publisched on GitHub so even if the developer stops someone else can take over and fix the app.
  • @Rebtor Technically you're right, but if Athom chooses to remove the SDKv1 support from a future Homey firmware (e.g. 2.0) then this code will not work anymore because the Homey firmware will not contain the SDKv1 files anymore.
  • edited July 2017
    I think all apps will be updated somehow. As @Rebtor said, they are published on GitHub, so most will be updated before the support is dropped, and others will be fixed by the community when the demand is higher.
  • jordenjorden Member
    edited July 2017
    I still have to take a look at what really changed. To start I have seen you can define a "SDK" version in the app.json, and you can now define a custom screensaver in your app.json (probably for when your app starts a flow). Haven't digged in deep yet.

    Probably only small changes are required. I think Athom knows which apps are most used so they will probably keep an eye on them by the time SDK 1.0 is going to be abandoned.
    It might be a bit annoying that action is required by developers, but I think it is a good step. Athom now knows a lot more about the direction they are going with Homey, so it is time to take actions. It only means Homey is going to get more mature.
  • RebtorRebtor Member
    The changes are not minor. As far as i can see most of the Json code (capabilities, settings are still the same). Because its still NodeJS/Javascript same goes for the functions that developers have written themself and Json modues that are used in there apps. (if the code / modules are compatible with NodeJS 8).

    But Athom has changed the way apps can interact with the homey hardware and modules . So some restructuring will be required to make it work again..
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