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iCalendar to voice Flows for trash

Joske522Joske522 Member
Hi guys,

I would like to create flows for the collection of our trash. I found the trash calendar iCal file and imported it to my Google calendar. 

I installed iCalendar to voice and gave it the link to my calendar. If the appointment in the calendar contains PAPER for example, would this be the correct flow to start if I wanted a warning the evening before the trash collection? <span>:smile:</span>

Thanks guys!


  • I don't know the trash calendar, but the flow looks fine to me.
    Do you know there's also a trash reminder app specifically built for this case?
  • Yes I know, but my city is not supported  :'(

    Thanks for the advice! I will test and provide feedback here  B)
  • jovinkjovink Member
    I have almost the same flow, except I use a motion sensor because if there's nobody in the room you still don't know the garbage will be collect. 
  • Wow that's a really cool idea! Thanks!  B)
  • Another tip: send a notification to a phone. Nothing worse than finally coming home after a long day of hard work, kicking out your shoes, change clothes to your nice sweatpants and crashing down on the couch, just as Homey tells you you have to take the garbage out.  :s

  • haha, yeah good tip, added the push notification to the flow. Thanks!
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