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Repeating speech

edited July 2017 in Questions & Help
When I leave my frontdoor open I want Homey to tell me that my frontdoor is open after 30 sec (that works)
Now I want homey to repeat that every 30 sec until I close the door or use my swipe to shut him up. 
Is there a easy way to create a repeating timer?


  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    edited July 2017
    after opening door is detected : activate repeat-flow
    in the repeat-flow : every 30 seconds (trigger) check if door is still open (condition) and if that's the case (condition = true) tell "still open" (action) else (condition is false) deactivate repeat-flow (action)
    after close is detected (trigger) : deactivate repeat-flow (action)
    after shut up is detected (trigger)  : deactivate repeat-fow (action)
  • Seems simple to me. 
    First column: card date & time, every 30 seconds 
    Second column: card sensor front door is open
    Third column: say, front door is open
  • OGSOGS Member
    Thanks I will try the sugestions 
  • OGSOGS Member
    Indeed was very simple I just didn't see the repeating option. 
    Thanks is working now 
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    @FvHuizen : If you do this without activating/de-activating you'll be overloading your Homey with checks/triggers while the door is closed 99,9% of the time....
  • OGSOGS Member
    At least it should be closed 99.9% otherwise I have a big problem :p
    Indeed I used the activate/deactivate flow
    for me you can close this question as solved (super fast)
  • BerendBerend Member
    edited June 2018
    However this thread is old, I struggle with the same problem as topic starter. As a newbie I can't find the repeat-flow option. Could somebody point me in the right direction?
  • WillemWillem Member
    Use as a trigger that the door is opened. This starts a 30 second counter, thats stop only if the door is closed again.
    For that counter you could use the countdown app (

  • I created an example for you:
    • Door is opened (contactalarm ON)
    • Say "Backdoor is opened"
    • Set timer "TimeDoor" = 30s (App CountDown)

    • If countdown time TimeDoor is empty
    • and door is still open (contactalarm ON)
    • then say again "Backdoor is open" and set timer TimeDoor again to 30 sec.

    This flow keeps repeating until the door is closed (contactalarm OFF)

    More advanced is adding a counter so the flow will stop after x times
    • Door is opened (contactalarm ON)
    • Say "Backdoor is opened"
    • Set timer "TimeDoor" = 300s (App CountDown)
    • Set number variable "TellerAchterdeur" = 3 (App Better Logic)

    • If countdown time TimeDoor is empty
    • and door is still open (contactalarm ON)
    • and number variable "TellerAchterdeur" is greater than 0
    • then say again "Backdoor is open" and set timer TimeDoor again to 300 sec.
    • decrease the number variable "TellerAchterdeur" with 1

    The second flow will run 3 times until the number variable "TellerAchterdeur" = 0
    So you get 4 times a warning every 5 minutes and then the flow stops.

  • BerendBerend Member
    Hello guys, thanks for your reply! Specially htilburgs's suggestions are really helpful. I already managed to apply them in my own situation. Thanks!

    If you are willing I hope you have an opportunity to look at my other problem? :)

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