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Write advanced flows

So i've been trying to move some of my Domoticz functionality to Homey but this requires me to write some more advanced flows,
while the drag-and-drop work well for short flows it does not for the ones with lengthy actions,
the text field where you drop the tags does not scroll properly.. as a workaround i'd like to write the tag manually in the text field, does anyone know if this is possible?   

For example I've tried;

No luck yet :-/ 


  • Maybe try {{{$Temp}}}
  • Sadly no, it just sends "{$Temp}", eventhough I used 3x{ } 
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    then is must be {{temp}} I guess...
  • @techniman should be possible to still drag and drop tokens...

    Position your cursor in the text box at the position you like to include the token
    Go to the token list and draw the token from the list to the text box, it should include the token at the position you left the cursor at

    In this way, I also build below mathJS calculation:

    Full calculation:
    round( LUX-achter-DIM-max * ( 1 - min(max(LUX-achter-AVG - LUX-achter-RANGE-low,0) / (LUX-achter-RANGE-high LUX-achter-RANGE-low ),1)),2)
  • Thanks @TedTolboom but thats just the problem, I position the cursor go to a tag and the textbox cursor jumps

    bvdbos said:
    then is must be {{temp}} I guess...
    Also not working  :s
  • Are these Logic or Better Logic variables?
  • both logic & tags from "IF" cards
  • What's working for me (I think better logic variables)

    ( $LIFX1_time_night_min_int$ < $sunset_time$ ? $LIFX1_time_night_min_int$ : 0 )

    which is an IF statement.

    Thus: $temperature$
  • casedacaseda Member
    edited July 2017
    only the normal variables (values written by the build in logic) can be used in a text manner:
    this does not account for all the states of devices etc, only the logic variables (so no, not even possible with the better logic)
  • Ok, thanks atleast thats clear 
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