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Neo wallplug - prevent disconnect power

cautjecautje Member
edited June 2017 in Devices

Is it possible to prevent the Neo wallpug from disconnect the power like the fibaro one?



  • @cautje No, not in the way it is implemented for Fibaro.
    In the Fibaro wall plug, this option is embedded into the device firmware, for the Neo not.

    It could be an option to implement it in the Homey software, to 'overrule' actions initiated from Homey side... 

    What purpose do you have in mind?
  • cautjecautje Member
    I use this plug to monitor the power ussage of the TV.
    If the TV is on, someone is still in the living room.
    Homey is also on this power connection, if this power wall plug wil put out, homey is also down...
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