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Buienradar Flow

obeliksobeliks Member
edited June 2017 in Questions & Help
Can someone post a flow with Buienradar that works?
I have screens and I want to get them up just before rain.
I tried a lot but it does not work...


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  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    there's examples in the app-page

    But somehow I think this will not help you...
  • I deleted all my Buienradar flows, I made a new flow (for the zillionst time) like above.
    Duplicated this flow several times and changed the screens in the flows. But only one screen goes up...
    The other ones stay down...

  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    what happens if you set a delay for 2 seconds per card so not every flow is executed at once? For some 433 devices this is needed. Do the other flows get executed at all, did you add some other actions in those flow (like sending a phone-message) to test?
  • RuudvBRuudvB Member
    The flow below is working for me.

    Most of the time the screens are already up because of clouding, to much wind or because it has been past a specific time. But it does trigger since I do receive the push notice.
  • Hello @bvdbos ,
    I use ZWave, but I tried. We'll see.

    @RuudvB :
    What does the Boolean?
    See my screenflow:

    I often check the tags (state of the screen) and the state of the screens is almost always right...

  • RuudvBRuudvB Member
    I use the variable screen for a "switch" on the homey dashboard. By flipping the switch I can trigger all screens up or down.
    Why use the "and" column if the state is not up? If the screens are already up, they won't go up again :)

  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    To prevent unnecessary traffic in the airwaves....
  • RuudvBRuudvB Member
    bvdbos said:
    To prevent unnecessary traffic in the airwaves....
    Ok, agreed. But in this case the extra traffic would be minimal I would expect.

    Also while testing flows, I tend to eliminate parameters that somehow could prevent a flow from executing....
    Adding the "and" column when the flow works well is what I like to think of as optimizing. Since the flow from @obeliks
    is not executing, the optimizing part can be left out for the moment.

  • obeliksobeliks Member
    edited July 2017
    I already erased the END column; nothing happens.
    I made a new flow:

    Nothing happens...
    And yesterday there were a lot of possible (rain)triggers...

    Now I made a new test; based on the fact that before it rains, it gets darker:

    Maybe this works...
  • RuudvBRuudvB Member
    edited July 2017
    depending on the LUX being triggered, this one should also work. I use several combinations as stated above. 
    I don't mind what triggers the screens to go up, they just should go up when necessary :)

    As for the not working flow; you are sure the "send a message" part works...? Sounds a bit silly, but sometimes....

  • Hello @RuudvB, yes the Send a Message works... Absolutely...

    Now I want to check if the 'darkness' stays for a while (not only a cloud for the sun, for example).
    How do I do that?

    I trigger a Countdown? And then?
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