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[Solved] Homey with part loses sound

erictkserictks Member
edited June 2017 in Archive
when I turn over homey for reset , I heard there is a part losen sound insides ... seem like a screw or stuff has fall off . At this moment my homey is still operating , need help 


  • I had the same. contact
  • Those are bound to be the upstanding SMD IR transmitters .
    They are solderd standing with just a really small amount of tin on the system board. They come off easy. A few bumps in the road while in shipment or a drop will make them come off. 

    Only one way if you want to keep warranty. Contact athom support.
    There easy to solder back, so if you feel adventures you can open op homey and solder them back by yourself.

  • BramBram Member
    I have had contact with @erictks and he is going to send his Homey to our office so I can figure out which part came lose and fix it for him! This post is going to be closed because a solution has been found to fix the problem.
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