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Unnecessary clicks and more

some ideas for your development of the PC-software:

Loose all unnecessary mouse clicks:
1) Only one account connected to the Homey
You still need to click on the account name to continue... Why?

2) Only one Homey connected to the software
You still have to choose between that one and click to continue... Why?

3) Double-click to choose flow
Why? One click suffice...

4) Editing flows
To change between different functions in a flow, you may end op clicking a lot...
Why not make it possible, to have a dropdown?

5) Delays in flows
To see if a timer/delay is set on a block, you have to choose it.
Why not simply make it visible (including value and unit)?
Or at least make the clock change color, if something is set?

6) Else-module
Thank you so much for this - brilliant.
But why not make it possible to drag a block/device there directly - instead of having to click down in the corner to "open the area"?

7) Bluetooth presence
You can't imagine, how many clicks I''ve made searching the internet for good solutions (including this forum) to find how to make a stable, reliant, low-battery-consuming solution on this - and all you have to do, is to enable the Bluetooth-chip and integrate it in you presence function... Please???



  • swtttswttt Moderator
    1. This has to do with stored cloud id, based on the homey you select it kinda selects the right cloud id in the background. Based on that cloud id you get your cookie with your bearer token. Never thought about it, but for me its seems the most logical descission as well.

    2. I think kinda the same as above.

    3. I am not sure about this, single clicks might get messy (even with the right mouse click integrated now) but it could as well be something on forehand to integrate it with touch devices. Allot of users want to edit their flows on tablets etc. It's easier to distinguish 2 taps vs touch+scroll then 1 tap vs touch-scroll.

    4. You mean clicking trough the cards? This is possible by scroll as well. Plus dropdowns can really get long :o

    5. Agree, makes it easier. Maybe do a feature request on github?

    6. Something you could request as well, but might interfere with dragging a card to the bottom of a longer list. You might drop it in the Else then without meaning to. For some users you really need something simple, they might even not notice dropping it there.

    7. Bluetooth is partial active, but missing a few parts. (subscribing to announcements etc.) Bluetooth has a range probably big enough for your livingroom, but not to check if your a present in your whole house. I am still looking for a solid alternative as well. Seen some BT beacons that can pickup signals from fitbit for example. Thats still something i would like to try and seems a better solution the just some BT presence in your living room.

    Just tried to answer your points from my perspective, for feature requests you should check out github. If the request hasn't been made yet you can create a new one.
  • DenWDenW Member
    I agree completely with OP. There are a lot of unnecessary clicks and just stuff that works counter-intuitively in the interface, from beginning to end. Especially the Flow screen is.. well.. it stands out as being designed completely separately (and\or by someone else even) from the other functions. And it is cumbersome to use up to the point that I've even lost most of my interest in working with Homey.

    Especially the Flows should be a pleasure to use as this is the heart of the system, but to me it is its biggest flaw. Hope improvement is near, but somehow I doubt this will fall in line with the other functions soon.

  • bvdbosbvdbos Moderator, Backer - Geek Edition
    Cumbersome to use? Because you have to right-click and/or doubleclick? Biggest flaw?
    Like @swttt says: Could you make Github issues for these?

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