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Level battery status smartphone?

Just wondering about the fact that I see no Homey app that would give me info about my Android phone battery status. The smartphone is about the most important domotica device in our house besides the Homey I think, and reading out the phone battery level could be used for different nice flows. Now I still have to use IFTTT to do this. This is how I use some of these IFTTT apps right now.

This results in switching off all the lights in the house, when start charging my phone during the night. Smartphone audio is also blocked during the night until 07:00 hour in the morning. Phone alarm clock to wake me up in the morning is still available this way.

Maybe there is simple way to do this allready on Homey. Just shout and let me now!  Thanks !


  • swtttswttt Member
    You could of course use a fiber wall plug (or Neo) and read-out the power usage. If above a certain amount your telephone must be plugged in and you can start a flow. Turning sound on and off is something that homey can't do as far as i know.
  • glijieglijie Member
    For Android there is a APP called " Tasker" you can do all you want and more
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