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Force routing.

Is it possible to force routing of a device trough a specific device? I have magnet sensor that has an unreliable connection to the network. In Network map I can se that it has a direct route to Homey, and 4 other routes via some dimmers in the far end of my house. I have a dimmer that is very close to this magnet sensor, and it would probably be a more stable route via this dimmer.

Is there any way to force routing of the signals from the magnet sensor trough the nearest dimmer?


  • No that's not (yet) possible, mesh will be made automatically 
  • casedacaseda Member
    Forcing a route is not possible at all, that is a "limitation" of z-wave.

    though the mesh map doesn't show the route.
    It only shows which device is which device's neighbour, nothing more, nothing less.
    the z-wave chip inside each module determines what the best route is for the signals.

    Homey can send a so called "heal" command, so all device "re-look" which devices is near them, but that's not working as expected yet.
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