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SmartAlarm [2.0.6]


Is anyone using the SmartAlarm app for Homey? If so, does it work?

Unfortunately it never worked for me.

v1.1.0 - Works for 15-30 minutes, after that, reboot needed.
v2.0.6 - Works for 15-30 minutes, after that, reboot needed.

Does someone have other experiences with this app?

Thank you!


  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    Does the app crash and if so, what's the error when you click on the triangle?
  • That's the only difference, before it crashes and I could see some java related errors when I clicked on the triangle. But since v2 that is gone. It just doesn't respond anymore. When I test a flow the specific smartalarm card never completes it's job. Circle is there forever instead of a green checkmark. 
  • MwahhhMwahhh Member
    Never worked here. Posted 2 github issues but after the rewrite of the app it still wont work. I will try to create another github issue this weekend. They need to know to fix things :)
  • Till now I have never used smart systems. Mulling over options of switching to smart home monitoring systems which can be easily controlled through smart phone or tablet. 
  • MwahhhMwahhh Member
    Well.. I got it 'stable' for a couple of days now in combination with the 'Candy' app. Made a flow that restarts Smartalarm (and Harmony Hub) app every hour.

  • For some SmartAlarm app is stable for the last 5  days.  <span>:smile:</span> Anyone else recognizes this behaviour?
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