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Sonos issues - cannot play or pause music

edited June 2017 in Apps
Hi, I have Homey Firmware Versie: 1.3.0-rc.9 and I have my sonos devices in multiple flows. Since the new firmware the sonos devices are not responding. In the music section the output device is often set to homey instead of one of the sonos devices. Is that related?
Anyone with the same issues? Any suggestions?How can I install all firmware versions on homey?


  • RJSRJS Member
    To add to this, strangely enough volume is responding, play and pause not.
  • @RJS did you try to restart the SONOS app and or restarting Homey (== restart of SONOS app)?
    Sonos running fine (start / stop) on my Homey at Firmware Version: 1.3.0-rc.9
  • RJSRJS Member

    Apparently the issue was that 2 sonos speakers where paired as stereo set and for some reason one was not responding to Homey. I fixed it by unpairing them , then adding the one that is responding and after that pair it as stereo set again in sonos.

  • Not solved yet! I'm having the same problem with paired sonos speakers sonce one of the 1.3.0 versions. Pause and play don't work any more, only group mute/unmute do. I tried the workaround mentioned above and the flowcard "pay" is checked but there's no sound from the speakers. Unpaired both speakers are working without problems. I tried diffrent combinations (pairing before/after adding, adding both or only one) without success.
  • same here. volume works, play and pause not
  • I have 2  Sonos play:1 speakers set up as stereo pair in the kitchen and 2 in the living room also as stereo pair. 
    From the beginning this gave problems in Homey. Most of the time play/ pause just doesn’t work, only volume and mute/unmute keeps working. 
    I started to use an old raspberry Pi and installed node-sonos-http-api
    This works perfect with stereo paired Sonos speakers and gives you control over many things like, group/ ungroup, playlists, favorites, volume, speach and much more.
    It has been working now for weeks without having to restart the Pi even once. 
    Using it with the HTTP request app, virtual devices app and Homeykit to control Sonos with Siri.
    Only wish i could install the node-sonos-http-api on Homey itself so i would’t need the raspberry Pi anymore.
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