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Plugwise Circles

RebtorRebtor Member
edited April 2018 in Devices

At this moment plugwise Circles (plugs) are only supported via stretch and can't be directly controled true homey for me a sub optimal solution because 1. i don't have a strech and 2. from what i read this setup has some drawbacks.

The plugwise plugs use zigbee but they have changed the protocol a bit. Zigbee support is expected in version 1.4. Will homey be able to controll these plugs directly since these plugs aren't 100% zigbee compatible?

I ask this because i have a few of these plugs still laying around and most important, these plugs seem to be the only plugs on the market that have a 3600+ watt rating and have power mesurement capability.

All the Zwave plugs i have seen arount have a 1500 (Neo cheap stuff), 2500 (Fibaro), 3000 (everspring and phillo) powerrating and can't be reliably used with a washingmachine, or stove without getting into overload protection now and then. There are a lot 3500 watt (zwave) plugs but they can't measure power usage this is no problem for stable power users like lamps but since the power usage of these devices fluctuate true the washing program / cooking program the plug needs active measurement to be of any use.


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