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[App] TVGids for Homey


I'm not clear on how to use it, is there someone who has an example?



  • Are you Dutch (Nederlands?) Than you can check this topic:
  • jjtbsomhorstjjtbsomhorst Member
    edited May 2017
    @FrankBastiaens  indeed if you are dutch speaking you can go check that topic. If not I'm happy to help. Just be aware that it is beta
  • Deef_KDeef_K Member
    In the settings menu for TVgids for Homey you can set your favorite programs.
    Than make a flow. WHEN A program starts in x minutes THEN send pushnotification.
  • swtttswttt Member
    edited May 2017
    Awesome, will try this tonight.

    I have my channels mapped to Alexa, so i could create a flow with:
    IF program starts in 5 min AND ask if i want to watch it THEN speech output "Alexa, turn on RTL 7"

    EDIT: Nah not tonight, tonight is beer and uefa cup night <span>:open_mouth:</span>
  • phbphb Member
    Installed version 0.0.6 , keeps on crashing  
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