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Let’s start with a small introduction, I’m Bram and I will replace Annemarie as moderator on this forum. The forum has grown a lot the last couple of months, which is awesome! However it’s a bit to big to manage by myself..

So I have called in some help! Nine enthousiast will start as moderator on this forum. 

The moderators will be responsible for keeping the forum well-ordered and on-topic. Topics that are posted in the wrong category will be placed in the right one and discussions that are solved will be closed by a moderator. 
They will also keep an eye out for questions they can't answer themselves and will tag me in the discussion if necessary, so I can have a look and discuss it with the Athom team.

If you want me to read along, mention me in your post (@Bram )

These are the 6 selected moderators:

@caseda, @Priknr1, @swttt, @bvdbos, @GeurtDijker, @rocodamelshe

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Support & Community Manager @ Athom

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