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Issue with triggering multiple triggers

Hi All,

I've been working on a little app that will give Homey the ability to react on the start of television programs on dutch television. But there is a little problem I'm currently facing which I can't seem to solve myself. The source for this app can be found here:

In the flowprocessor class I've added a setinterval that is used to check to see if something needs to be done every minute. On line 81 of that file you can see how I do this. The problem is this. Whenever I do something like this: 

console.log("trigger program_start trigger");
console.log("trigger any_program_start trigger");

aka, adding another trigger nothing seems to work anymore.. No crashes, no messages from Homey simple just no triggering of anything. When I remove the extra trigger all seems to work again. 

Can anyone help me with why triggering multiple triggers would cause this to happen?
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