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[Solved] Switch off after 60 min no movement

tonvos6tonvos6 Member
edited May 2017 in Archive

I would like to make a flow to turn on and off my devices in the living room.

To switch it on is by a motion sensor, and that is no problem. To switch it off when there is no movement in the living room for 1 hour. For example, when after 25 minutes there is a movement in the living room, the hour must start countdown again.

Who knows how to build this in a flow?

regards Ton



  • lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
    edited May 2017
    Use the app countdown, start countdown timer after movement (say 60 minutes), then make a flow when countdown is empty (60 minutes past) check if there is movement when no movement on the sensor put out the ligths. Other flow would be when countdown is empty and there is movement on the sensor start countdown again.

    In 1.3 there will be ELSE so you can make it in one flow. When countdown is empty and no movement lights out ELSE start countdown again for x time
  • Why checking if there is any movement after 60 minutes? If you reset the countdown after every movement, you're sure there is no movement when the countdown reaches 0.

    When you only check for movement after 60 minutes (and don't restart the countdown on every movement), it will only keep the lights on when there is movement at the exact same time as the countdown reaches 0.

    I think there's no use for the 'else' in these situation. You will need two flows:
    1. (re)start the countdown timer at every movement
    2. turn of the lights when the countdown reaches 0

  • lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
    edited May 2017
    I'm not using it myself these kind of flows, only at night i use the lights with a movement/countdown timer (but short one), by day i use the at home/away state or flows that control the lights when watching a movie for example. 

    Below is made with 1.3

    Pictures are better then words. If i would go for a reset of the timer every time there is movement i would do it like this. If there is movement and no countdown then set countdown to x time and turn on the lights
    if there is movement and countdown is running the ELSE will be used and countdown would be reset to x time everytime the movement triggers the flow. 

  • tonvos6tonvos6 Member
    Thank you for the information.
    I will try this app.
    Regard Ton
  • tonvos6tonvos6 Member
    Hello lubbertkramer,
    It is working, thank you for your help.
    Regards Ton
  • @lubbertkramer

    I am using exactly the same flow, very simple, works flawlessly.

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