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Include Homey into VeraPlus network

I  currently have a VeraPlus controlling a large Z-Wave network and interfacing with Amazon Echo, Sonos, Logitech Harmony Hub, Google Home and various other network devices.

I want to include my Homey in the VeraPlus Z-Wave network as a secondary controller, and at a later stage do a controller shift, making Homey the primary controller.

I have included my Homey in Vera as a generic Z-Wave device. It shows up as a Scene controller  in my Vera interface, with the (error)message : "Please wait! Getting the manufacturer"
I also have tried to add Homey as an UPnP device, which should allow control over another UPnP device, such as another Vera (or Homey), but I could not figure out which device that shows up is my Homey (Eg. WFADevice, WANDevice:1, WANConnectionDevice:1
or LANDevice:1. Anyone of these could or could not be my Homey...)

Any Guidance from the community?


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