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Netatmo stopped synchronizing with Homey...

RemlofRemlof Member
Hopefully somebody can help me. Since a few days I have a Homey. Installed the Netatmo app on Homey and was able to receive data. Unfortunately after 2 days it stopped.
This happend also when I was running Domoticz. Anybody an idea?
The native Netatmo app on my mobile phone is working as it should be. On the website of Netatmo the third party Atom is trusted and able to read and edit things.  


  • spoellyspoelly Member
    strange over here everything is working ok.
    Maybe reboot both systems?
  • RemlofRemlof Member
    unfortunately no succes rebooting. removed the netatmo device and added it again, after I had to authenticate on netatmo site again. data synchronised again. 

  • RemlofRemlof Member
    Let see how long it works...
  • spoellyspoelly Member
    hope this is the solution for you
  • dejongjdejongj Member
    I've had the same happening. Added Netatmo on Thursday. Stopped working by 10:30pm....Yesterday I had to remove and add it again to get it to work...

    At the moment it seems to have lost the target temperature log again, yet tracking the room temperature...

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